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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Signing Off

After 10 months of writing about knitting, gardening, and my cats, I'm signing off of this pixie portal blog.

You can still read about what's going on in my life at my other blog www.2-moms.blogspot.com.
You can view my knitting projects at www.wendypatterson.com and/or our flickr site of http://www.flickr.com/photos/karenandwendypix/sets/

It's been a pleasure sharing my life with you. Thank you for reading.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Finished Baby Cardigan

Baby Ethan's Raglan Sweater with Matching Hat
Started: 8/23/06
Finished: 9/7/06
Yarn: Cascade Yarns Bollicine "Dolly" 100% merino wool
Needles: 3 & 5 US, circulars and double-pointed
Pattern: By Carole Barenys - found online here

I really enjoyed knitting this sweet, from-the-top-down sweater. I think the raised stripe pattern is fitting for a boy. I was surprised that the buttonholes weren't more obvious (K2,yo,K2tog,K1). I think next time I'll get advice on how to make a better buttonhole.

Cheri, from The Naked Sheep Knit Shop, helped me by teaching me how to knit the sleeve join on this sweater. I really winged it knitting this hat. I used the general guidelines in the Yarn Harlot's "Knitting Rules" book. But I totally knit it without a pattern. I really hope both pieces fit.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Three busy weeks

It's hard to believe that it's been almost three weeks since I've posted to this blog.

I'm happy to announce that I'm 5 weeks pregnant! You can read all about my pregnancy journey and tales over at my other blog.

In knitting news, amist all the baby craziness/wonderfulness, I managed to finish sewing all the parts to my pink cabled sweater. I just need to seam it up (I hate finishing!! I need to take a class to learn how to do this properly because I think I simply ruin some good sewing with some bad seaming.) I hope that by posting to this blog, I'll get off the stick and finish the sweater.

I also started a baby sweater for 7 week-old Ethan. It's my first time working a sweater from the top down and so far I like it. I went to my favorite yarn store yesterday to get some advice on joining the sweater from guru Cheri. She also helped me pick out yarn to start a new knitting project/Christmas present.

I'm trying to decide whether or not to keep this Pixie Portal blog. It seems like I wrote alot this Spring- mostly about knitting, and gardening and cats. And perhaps I'll get back into the groove about writing on these topics. The pros of keeping it are that it is a good way for me to write about my progress with knitting and in the garden. And it's a good way for me to keep track of the days. The cons are that hardly anyone reads it and I sometimes feel guilty for not posting to it. Hmmm.... hard decision.

For now I'll leave you with a kitten Chloe picture. I've titled it "In or Out?"

Friday, August 11, 2006

Finished blue purse

I shall prevail! I finished knitting Karen's blue purse (for a second time). When I felted it, I was pleased with the finished result. No hairy blue furball monsters this time. Yea!!

Pattern: Favorite felted bag from www.theknitwit.net
Yarn: Cascase 128 (2 skeins) & Bobble trim
Needles: 13 circular for body & 11 for handles

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Everything a LYS should be

I just returned from a trip to my favorite local yarn store (LYS), The Naked Sheep Knit Shop. The owner, Cheri, greeted me and told me she had a gift for me. She gave me this lovely coffee cup and a hand-written note letting me know she appreciated my support of her store. Isn't that wonderful?! If you are ever in Portland, THIS is the yarn store to go to.

I brought home the proper yarn to knit and felt Karen's purse (Cascade 128 instead of the evil, never-to-be-felted-in this home again, Lion Brand Bulky).

Hopefully, yarn and I are on good terms once again and all will go well with the second blue purse.

Blue hairy mess

This is the email I sent to Karen at 11:30pm last night. I took a few days off of knitting my pink cabled sweater to knit her a small, blue felted purse. WARNING... this post has some REALLY BAD language and some yarn sacrilege.

To Karen - Regarding Purse Disaster:

Hi Karen,

I stayed up and finished knitting the straps on your purse. Then, I felted it, thinking that it could dry overnight.

After taking it out of the washing machine.... It looks like total crap.

It looks like Cousin It took a blue shit. It looks like a cat barfed up a blue hairball. There is blue fuzz literally all over the laundry room.

It's f*cking fuzzy, and hairy and awful!

And before you say it.... It IS that bad.

I'm really not sure what happened. Maybe it was the different yarn (just very slightly different... Shouldn't have made a f*cking hairball, wet, sodding mess.)

It's completely un-usable. I can't decide if I want to keep it around to keep me humble. Or if I want to run over it several times with my car, jump up and down on it, and bury it.

On nights like tonight, I HATE YARN! GASP!!!!

SHIT, SHIT, SHIT,......f*ck.

Love you,

And Karen's kind reply:

Well, this was certainly good for a start the day off with a laugh
moment! I'm sorry it turned out so crappy, and the Cousin It line was a
hoot, but as with all things yarn, you shall prevail! It might be time
to visit Cheri again today, huh? Take back whatever is left of that
horrible hairball producing stuff and try something else. Just
remember, you don't have to have it finished by the time I get home!

I hope you slept well and didn't dream of creepy, crawly yarn monsters
or anything. :)

All my love,

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Pink cabled sweater

It seems like I've been working on this sweater for a while now! I finished this back piece on Saturday and have cast-on for the front. It's knitted with Rowan Calmer yarn which can be a bit slippery but it's soft scumptiousness is worth it.

My pattern called for me to stop the center cable a little sooner than I did. What can I say? I was on a cabling roll.

I'm really proud of how the sweater pieces look so far. I only hope that the front piece turns out as nicely (and that it will fit me once I finish it!)

On another note, I really enjoyed listening to Orson Scott Card's "Ender's Game" audiobook during my recent travels. The book, offered by Audible.com, featured several wonderful readers. I loved reading this book (around 10 years ago) and some of the sequels. If you haven't read it, consider picking it up or listening to it.