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Friday, November 25, 2005

Three Miles and Jennifer Lopez

YES!! I ran 3 miles on the treadmill! Then ran four 1/4 mile sprints with 1/4 mile walk in between. With my warm-up and cool down, I totaled 6.5 miles. I had a DVD of Jennifer Lopez videos cranked for inspiration. What I loved about today's run--
1. besting my personal best to date,
2. when the occasional sweat bead flies off my chin and lands on my quad or flies off my neck and lands on my calf.
3. the huge sweat rings on my shirt and shorts
4. cooling off and stretching while sharing my run news with Karen. It's the bomb!

What I didn't like about today's run
1. runny nose
2. sweat running in my ears. Eeecckk.
3. feeling my body frame start to squash down when the running gets hard. It feels like my abdomen is pushed out rather than holding me in and up.

I'm so grateful I have the treadmill. I can get grossly sweaty and grunt and curse and sing in the privacy of my home.
P.S. Thanks Mom for the reminder about windsprints.


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