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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Christmas Decorations

Today we put up our Christmas tree. My favorite part of this process is unwrapping the ornaments. This year we have two Santas from the "Father Christmas" series offered by Hallmark. We also have two Tinkerbell ornaments and two other fairies.

While decking the tree I was reminded of my childhood Christmas tree decoration days. Dad's responsibility was to string the lights. Mom and I would have the lights strung around our arms and shoulders, making one long light chain that we would feed to Dad. Mom and I would then place the ornaments. We had a ornament for every year (usually with the year printed on it). I would want to place the current year's ornament at the top of the tree and then work down the tree with the sequential ornaments. This was far too linear for Mom. For the rest of December, Mom and I would sneak and move the other's ornaments, thinking that we knew the perfect placement. We would each come home at the end of the day, survey the tree and see how it had changed from the day before. It's quite a testimony to my compatibility with Karen that I haven't doubted or wanted to change her ornament placement!

Karen did a beautiful job stringing the lights and garland on the front porch. I have more pictures on the Flickr site. Click on the badge on the right to view them.


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