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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Crazy Day

I hate, hate, hate to go to the dentist and today I went for a cleaning. I hate the dentist due to some childhood trauma in the dentist's chair. It makes me crazy to go for my regular checkup and I tend to be a grumpy bitch afterwards.

I thought I was doing well sitting in the chair during my cleaning. Of course, my feet were flexed up and about 2" off the chair, my hands were clinched so tightly that I cut off the blood flow, and my eyes were winced shut. But for me, this is progress. At least I didn't cry or snarl and bite someone.

However, the dentist told me that I have a cavity. Now... I chose this dentist because he is known as "the Snooze Dentist" in town. When I have a procedure, I want gas and I want drugs. I don't know if he was having a brain fart or what but he says to me, "I think we could even take care of this cavity without numbing you". I looked him in the eye and said, "Are you crazy??!!" "I want/need the drugs and the gas or you won't get me in here ever again. Even for my so-called minor cavity."

I left the office in a huff. Wishing that I could take a black magic marker and write, "Absolutely petrified of all things dental" and "Give drugs, lots of drugs" in capital letters across my chart. So, the cavity will be fixed in January. And you betcha, I will have the gas!!

Later today I took Chloe BACK to the vet office. She had her second round of her booster shots. And, oh joy or bliss, a NEW MEDICINE which I'll have to give to her for 10 more days to fight her ongoing cold. At least I only have to give it to her once a day. I just pray that this med works.

Chloe had a worse day than me because she had her temperature taken. At least when I went to the doc I didn't have anything shoved up my bum! Chloe also had her first set of soft paws applied. For those of you that don't know... soft paws are plastic, rounded sheaths that cover the cat's front claws. The cats can still have the feeling of scratching but they won't pick or tear any furniture, wood, etc. God Bless Soft Paws! Chloe did quite well during the soft paws application. Her front toes look quite shiny and wonderful!

I'm off to have a relaxing dinner with friends. And maybe a drink... or two....


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