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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Finished Sleeve

Today I finsished the first sleeve for my sweater. It only took me four days to complete it. I learned how to "increase" with this part of the project. I started with 26 stitches and increased one stitch every three rows until I reached 50 stitches. The sleeve is 22" long. I have no idea if this sweater is going to fit me when I finish it but hey... it will fit someone!

Chloe (the photo crazed kitten) saw the camera and wanted to be added to the picture. Jeff & Heather were kind enough to let me borrow one of their cameras while Karen has ours in TN. Chloe is feeling much better after three days of her new medicine. It is a relief to not follow her around the house with tissues to clean up her sneezes.

Two of our aquarium fish have died. The orange platy named "Tux" died about a week ago. The other orange platy named "Tails" mourned himself to death. I'm not sure of the life span for our platys but I think that these fish died of natural causes. All though.... Jeff is fond of holding Chloe up to the fish tank so they may have died of fright!

I'm off to start knitting the second sleeve!


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