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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Holiday Food Musings

I wonder why I associate holidays with food indulgence. I had been doing well with my diet and exercise. And then Christmas week struck. This week, I've eaten WAY too much dessert. And WAY too much crappy foods (hot dogs, biscuits, Reese's peanut butter cups, etc.)

I wonder about people who manage to stay on their diets during holidays. Do they feel superior and smug? Is it a battle for them? Or do they simply not have the same food associations/indulgences that I have?

It's been pleasurable to eat all this stuff. But I have to say that I've felt crappy afterwards. Last night, I actually woke up with "food sweats" (the larger of my reading audience will understand this term).

So tomorrow, I'll return joyfully to healthier foods and to the treadmill.

Kitten Chloe will also be going through withdrawal. She will have Christmas tree withdrawal. The Christmas tree has been a source of constant kitten amusement. She has used it as her fort. She has rolled around in the tree skirt. She has hidden toys in the tree skirt. She has knocked off countless balls. And this week, she has climbed it relentlessly.

For more hilarious kitten photos, click here

Withdrawal for both of us. Wish us luck!


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