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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Lighted and Lit

Since when did the advertising world start to use the word "lighted" instead of "lit"?

In the numerous shopping catalogues I've received in the mail, I've see descriptions such as "lighted candles" and "lighted Christmas tree" and my personal favorite, "a lighted cigarette".

Now the southern, country girl in me rejects this. Where I'm from, you "light" a cigarette but once it's on fire, it's LIT. Same with candles. And definitely with Christmas lights.

I mean, come on.... in the South at night you drive around looking at other people's holiday lights and when you see a particularly striking home you say, "Well... that house is ALL LIT UP!"

And when you set fire to a firecracker you yell, "It's LIT, RUN!" You don't stand there in your tweed jacket and say, "My dear, that is a lighted firecracker."

Don't you agree? And yes, I have checked with dictionary.com and both can be used as adjectives.

And here for your viewing pleasure are the Christmas lights on my front porch. And these are LIT wreaths.


At 9:56 AM, Anonymous williamp said...

Merry Christmas!!!!


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