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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Red Loopy Scarf

Last night I finished my red loopy "Crazy Aunt Purl" scarf.

If you don't read www.crazyauntpurl.com's blog, you really should. It's written by Laurie who is a divorced, obsessive-compulsive knitter with four cats. She's an incredibly witty writer. And she gives great knitting instructions. I learned the loop stitch and drop stitch (see photo!) from her. She also taught me how to block my knitting. (By the way, blocking simply means to steam your knitting and then stretch the heck out of it).

Laurie gets 60 - 80 comments for each of her posts. I have major comment envy. By the way, I recently learned that the comments on my blog were restricted for registered users only. I have changed this. Now, anyone can comment. So, if you swing by my blog, leave me a comment. I LIVE FOR COMMENTS!

I was trying to publish this blog last night at 11:45pm when our power went out. It was out until around 1:30am. When the power fizzed out, I smelled that mechanical burning smell that means one of your machines has just fried. You should have seen me running around the house with my flashlight, sniffing the air like a bloodhound. Fortunately, nothing got toasted. The smell must have come from the heater kicking off or something.

I'm pretty sure the power kicked off because of the high winds we are experiencing in Portland. And the weather man says that an ice storm may come our way tonight. Karen's flight home to Portland was cancelled. I know lot's of people are hoping for a snow storm so they can stay home from work but please, send some energy that Karen gets home first.

Until then, I guess I'll clean my house and knit. I've got 3" completed on my felted bag (7 more to go) and 7" on the front of my sweater (20" to go).

Here's some groovy pictures before and after blocking pictures of my red loopy scarf.


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