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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Going to the Frog Pond

Tonight I finished the last inch on my 14" inch purple hat for Karen. I stitched it 14" (according to pattern) so that it could be felted and have a lovely rim. Once I finally got the piece off the needles, I realized that a whole section was twisted while stitching in the round. I should have known something was amiss when I couldn't ever lay the hat completely flat. But hey, it was my first hat and just my second time knitting in the round.

Anyway, there is no way that piece could become a hat. Maybe just a really ugly cowl neck thingy. Deep Sigh and Groan that could be heard throughout the hotel.

So I took the piece to the frog pond. I actually looked up this term in my Stitch n Bitch book so that I could share it with you. (A frog goes ribbit, ribbit and I ripped it and ripped it). It's corny but sometimes you need something stupid like this "frogging" term to keep from screaming and beating your head against the wall.

So the lovely purple hat is once again skeins of yarn. Wish me luck on the second go around!


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