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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Karen's Mystical Chair

Our cats LOVE Karen's chair. The moment she gets up from her chair both cats will jump in the seat and snuggle in. She can be gone for 30 seconds and they will look up at her with pleading cat eyes and beg her to not make them get down.

Karen loves the cats so much that she will actually concede the chair and sit on our spare "office ball" so as not to disturb them. Even as I write this, our gray cat Phoebe is draped across the top of the seat back and kitten Chloe is snuggled on the seat behind Karen's back.

What is it about this chair that causes cat bliss? Yes, it's warm and soft but there are many other warm and soft surfaces throughout the house (beds, couches with blankets, etc.)

I can't figure it out. If I sit in Karen's chair will I too be touched with ecstasy? Is the chair the hidden door to a forgotten realm? Does the chair emit mind-altering waves?
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