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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Sweater Progress - ripping the sleeves

I finished the front of my sweater on Monday 1/2. I started the front on 12/14 therefore it took me 19 days to complete. (The analytical part of me just has to write about that!)

My next step was to start seaming the pieces together. But as I scrutinized the sleeves, I realized that I had stitched them too small. I had ideas of blocking the sleeves and stretching the heck out of them BUT I figured that every time I wore the sweater a part of my brain would chant "Cheater, Cheater" at me. So, I ripped an entire sleeve, rewound the yarn, and cast on again.

I had around 7 inches completed, including several "increase" stitch rows and then realized that I had knitted 2 rows incorrectly. (Trying to ride in the car, talk to Mom about music and knit was more than my brain and fingers could handle).

Last night I bravely ripped the 2 rows and managed to get the stitches back on the needles. Truly incredible! I've never ripped a few rows before. I've always started over. So far, the corrected rows look fine. I'm just impressed that I managed to do it!

Part of my mind wants to create some clever analogy about "getting the project right" rather than "making do" as it relates to my life. But, I'm coming up blank. I guess it has something to do with perseverance... or patience... or perfectionism.


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