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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Those Patterson Women are Crazy

Today Karen, Mom & I went to Cannon Beach. There was an 80% probability of rain and a two hour drive but hey... we went anyway. When we got to Ecola Park (overlooking the beach), the wind was roaring at around 50-70 mph. Mom and I were giggling throughout taking some token photos. We know we are strange!!

It was impressive to see the crashing surf and all the white water. Here's a picture of the same viewpoint on a normal day.

We went out to eat for dinner and I (inspired by the ocean) decided to eat grilled shrimp. A couple of hours later I had a face & neck rash. So folks, I guess it's official. I'm allergic to shrimp!!

The last time Karen and I went to Mexico I had a similar reaction. I munched on some shrimp fajitas and then laid out in the sun. Apparently, the sun worsens this allergy. For the most of our vacation, I had to lay under a beach umbrella with wet towels plastered to my body. And still it was too much sun. The rash ran rampant down my body. At the time, I thought that the breakouts were due to trying a new sunscreen.

After the Mexico vacation, I mentioned the reaction to Mom who informed me that she had a similar allergy and that it was an allergy to shrimp. I still wasn't sure that I was allergic to the shrimpers but now I am!

However, there is hope. I've eaten Red Lobster popcorn shrimp before and not had a reaction. I would be really upset if I thought I could never eat shrimp again!

Anyway, back at Cannon Beach we enjoyed shopping at one of my favorite stores, The Oregon Gallery. Karen and I stop there every time we drive to the beach. We've lusted after some metal art sculptures of trees each time we've gone. Mom surprised us by buying us one of the pieces. Thanks Mom!! Here's a photo:

Mom goes home tomorrow and we are sorry to see her go. We would love to have her back in the summer so that she can see Portland in all her summer glory. I wish her easy & restful travels.


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