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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Who goes through my recycle bin?

Today is a day of unsolved questions and mysteries (see the mystical chair post below). I am most curious to learn the identity of the person who takes empty Diet Coke bottles from my recycle bin.

Is it a nearby neighbor who peers out their window - waiting for me to take the bin to the curb? (No J & H, I don't think it's you!) Is it someone who drives by at 4:00am who goes through everyone's recycle bins? I just don't know.

I believe (though I can't know for sure) that this person is taking these bottles because of the $.05 return they can get for them. And there is usually 4 bottles per week (20 cents per week = $10.40 a year). Yes, I know that 8 liters is a lot of diet coke!

I still feel the ping of guilt when I place these bottles in the recycle bin rather than take them to the store and get my 20 cents. My grandmother Janeway would certainly not approve of my wasting this 20 cents. She would most definitely approve of my scavenger neighbor!

I don't' mind that the bottles get taken. I'm just curious about who takes them. Being an occasional night owl, it is sometimes 1:00am before I set out the bins. And the trash gets picked up at 7:00am. This is some early-morning, dedicated recycler!

"Who is it?", I wonder. "Who is it?"


At 9:18 PM, Blogger DtDtKty said...

I have seen said culprit....he does exist!!! A tall, sort of dishelved looking male individual on a bike with a Hefty bag in hand is your man. You could really make his day if you start putting little notes in the bottles....something like, "Good luck with the recycling. Have a nice day!" hehe

Love, H


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