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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Great definition of branding

I enjoy reading blogs about marketing, advertising, and customer service.

My favorite two blogs are:
Seth Godin's blog and Jennifer Rice's blog.

Jennifer recently wrote the best definition of brand strategy that I've ever read:
A brand strategy is, in essence, a focused strategic platform that guides every aspect of the business. If a brand is a house, then the various departments are the rooms, and the brand platform (the brand mantra) is the foundation. Ideally the foundation sums up the purpose of the company in 5 words or less. In other words, why should people care about you?

The full brand strategy fills in the details; it's the blueprint for the house and guidelines for interior design. The blueprint outlines the type of customers who will visit the house, how it will be used, and how the experience should differ from the other houses on the street. If the blueprint and execution are done right, marketing is simply an open-house sign in the front yard. Starbucks created a powerful brand with no advertising. Ditto with Google. They both created a new and/or better experience for people to talk about.

WOW! I get it; do you?


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