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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Home from Mexico

You betcha! I'm back!

Top Twelve Things I Loved About My Mexico Trip (these are in no particular order):

The Sun. Yes, it's redundant to say that it was great to be in the sun for the week. Getting away from rainy Portland was certainly a joyous event. The sky was incredibly blue, only a few clouds and the temperature was in the 80's. Perfection!

The Pool. Lay in the sun for an hour. Jump in the pool and swim for 15 minutes. Repeat for 7 days. Our resort has three pools - one for the pool game folks (pool basketball, volleyball, dunking for drinks, etc) one for the children and one for everyone else. I chose the unoccupied pool and had a big time floating on my back and swimming underwater.

The Ocean. Our room had a wonderful view of the ocean (see picture). I enjoyed sitting on our private balcony and letting the ocean sounds and smells wash over me. Cabo's beach drops off suddenly and they have a dangerous rip tide. So I didn't swim in the ocean but I really enjoyed being in its presence.

The Pedicure. When one is laying on a beach lounger, one has ample time to contemplate the view of one's stomach (like a pumpkin!), one's legs and one's toes. The toe view was something I could change for the better. I had a pedicure early in the trip so that I could look at pretty pink toes for the rest of the week.

The Facial and Manicure. On Special at the Spa. Ya'll know I can't turn down a great special. For the cost of the facial, the manicure was thrown in as a special treat. I had both on the last full day of vacation. My sunscreen-clogged, sunburned, heat-rashed face sighed in bliss. And my cuticles (for once) aren't ripped to shreds.

The Books. I read Cell by Stephen King, three of James Patterson's novels, and The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connely. These are books that I classify "mind candy". Quick, easy reads that pull you into the story and make you forget that your shoulders are sun-burning.

Other People's Books. I get a kick in surveying what other people are reading. Sometimes you can tell if you would like someone simply by what they read. There were some great smiles passed between myself and another woman who was reading "Cell". There was another guy who read while standing in the pool (for hours). He read "Kite Runner" which is on my "to read" list. He had an awesome tattoo of a Mayan figure on this back. He just looked like a cool guy to talk to but I never worked up the nerve. So, lots of cool people reading cool stuff. There were also people reading those biblical fiction books like "Sue's working on the sheep farm and reading her bible during pioneering days". I walked a wide path away from those folks.

The Margaritas. Enough said. My family reads this blog!

The Antics. There was this one guy who looked to be 75-85 years old. He would take a running jump into the pool then get out and jump again. He played in the pool like a child. He whooped, he laughed, he splashed about. He was incredibly young at heart. I really enjoyed watching him play. I also like watching this Grandma teach her grandsons about how to make big splashes with your hands and how to talk under water. We got a laugh out of watching a married couple argue. We snickered and rolled our eyes as a Mexican band sang songs by the Beach Boys, Neil Diamond, and Santana. I love to observe people and it was too fun to watch others (with my mirrored sunglasses!).

The Sites. We enjoyed going to town and sitting near the marina. There were so many gorgeous yachts docked there. There were pterodactyl-sized pelicans. And we delighted in watching a hummingbird dive for nectar. The palm trees were incredible and there were a very interesting "seed pod" trees.

The Service. I love to say at resorts and hotels. Simply adore it! I loved having someone make my bed and create swans out of hand towels. I love to have people cook for me, serve me and clean those dishes. Absolute Heaven! The service at our hotel was excellent. You just have to get on Mexican time. This one Mexican told Karen that Americans rush too much. We rush to the restaurant, we rush while eating, we rush for the check so that we can rush somewhere else. Well you can't rush in Mexico - even if you want to. A meal is a two hour endeavor - and that's for just one course. But with the gorgeous view of the ocean... who cares.

My Karen. Karen and I unplugged (no computers, no talking on the phone) and really enjoyed one another. We call it "soaking each other up" meaning that we rejoice in each other's presence and love. Babe- you're the best!

There are more pictures of our trip. Just click on the Flicker badge.


At 9:04 AM, Blogger DtDtKty said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time on your vacation. The resort looks beautiful. I was a little disappointed to not see any pictures of Karen with funny hats on though....hehe. So glad that you are home. You were both missed.

Love, H


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