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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Tree Hugger

As you can see from this old photo, I've been a tree lover/hugger/namer since I was a child. This picture was taken in the Great Smoky Mountains (in Tennessee).

When Karen and I first moved to Oregon, I immediately noticed these two beautiful trees right down the street from where we lived. We passed them driving about and walking around. I named the trees Ozmo and Gidget. And I would talk to them as I passed them.

The best moments were when the wind would blow and the trees would wave to me.

Tonight, after I took Chloe to the vet, I cruised by our old neighborhood. I couldn't resist taking these photos with my cell phone. The photos really don't do them justice. I would like to introduce you to:

Ozmo is the top photo and Gidget is the bottom photo:

Don't you think they look like characters in a Dr. Seuss book?

That's me. Tree Lover... and proud of it!


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