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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Cannon Beach

I love going to Cannon Beach, particularly Ecola Park. As you drive up the hill into the park, you pass these moss-coated trees and a fern-covered forest floor. The forest is quiet except for the seagulls flying overhead and the whisper of the waves. Looking at the trees, you can almost imagine a dinosaur walking towards you. This place fills me with a sense of wonder.

Once you park and walk onto the cliffs overlooking the beach, you can catch these great thermals of warm air from the ocean. Standing still above the waves, I closed my eyes and thanked the heavens for letting me see the Great Pacific Ocean one more time. I prayed blessings to my family and other loved ones. I asked for forgiveness for my wrongdoings. I opened up to be of greater service to the world. And then I smiled, and walked on and had fun mimicking a wind-blown tree.

The tide was coming in but Karen, Mimi and I still walked down to the rocky beach. On a nearby log I saw what I thought might be an Andy Goldsworthy sculpture remnant but it was simply where someone had found a mussel shell and shared it with us. We saw lots of lovely driftwood and Mimi found a green piece of sea glass or "mermaid's tear".

As we were leaving, Mimi and I saw two large birds chasing some gulls off a nearby rock. It wasn't until these large birds flew directly overhead that we realized they were eagles. I squeezed Mimi's shoulders and screamed Eagles! and then laughed with pure delight. It was an amazing day.


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