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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Cats, Ladders and Fish

Lately, I've been holding Chloe up to the fish tank when I feed the fish. She lets me cuddle her as she is completely absorbed by the fish swimming around. She purrs and purrs while watching them.

This afternoon, Chloe decided to get a closer look.

Our 39 gallon fishtank sits on our fireplace mantle. I need the help of a small stepladder to feed the fish and a nine foot ladder to clean the tank. Today I turned around and saw Chloe, ever so gracefully, climb the nine foot ladder and perch on top. Of course, I started laughing and ran for the digital camera (kinda makes you grateful I don't have kids, doesn't it! Hey kid, don't fall off the ladder. Mom's got to get her camera first!)

It took about an hour to clean the tank and Chloe was with me the entire time. We had a ball! There are lots more pictures- just click on the Flickr badge on the right.

And here's an update on the tank:
We have new platy babies - at least four (maybe more!)
Some time ago, we mistakenly purchased a female platy. (Platy females are "live bearers"- they bear live fish instead of eggs)We scooped her out of the tank and took her back to the fish store but not before she had popped out a few babies. Four of her lineage now live in our tank. We thought all four were boys. Ya know... it's kinda hard to tell the difference between females and males with tiny, fast-moving fish.

But surprise! New fish babies! We still have to figure out which one is the Mom and get her out of there. And we pray that none of her babies are female. Can you see how this could get out of hand quickly?

It's coincidental that we have new fish babies because just two weeks ago we purchased new fish. We bought three "gold white clouds" and five more rasboras (heteromorphas to be exact).


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