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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Finished sleeveless back

Last night I finished the back to Karen's sleeveless summer shell.

I started this piece on 2/26. I'm pleased that I was able to complete the 26 inch long back in 16 days. And I'm excited to cast on for the front piece.

Recently I read a quote from my Knit Bits Page-a-day calendar. I don't remember the exact quote but the gist of it was that once you have completed your first sweater, that you've only just BEGUN to learn how to knit a sweater.

This quote stuck in my head after I made a minor mistake that had a large effect on my shell. I've been told that it is best to join a new ball of yarn at the end of a row. The reasoning being that when you weave in the ends, it would not be as noticeable at a side seam. And I've always followed this advice.

However, when I reached the point where I was starting armhole shaping by decreasing (or knitting two stitches together), I thought it a bit much to try to start a new ball of yarn. So I knitted halfway over, and then joined a new ball.

I'm still not sure exactly what happened. At first it looked like I had dropped a stitch (but I hadn't). But before my eyes, a big hole was opening up. I "fixed" it by weaving in the ends in some strange, unfathomable way. But the damage was done.

Smack in the middle of the back, there is an ugly spot. The lovely knitting is seriously marred.

My sweet Karen told me not to worry about it (as I looked to her with tearful eyes). She told me it would be the "Wendy spot" and she would think of it as me kissing her back anytime she felt it.

Well, who could be upset after that.

Still, lesson learned. Whatever you do, join yarn at the end of a row.


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