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Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

I'm really enjoying the new camera. The sun is shining today so I grabbed it to take some pictures of daffodils at a neighbor's house. I guess I looked a bit funny plopped down in the road taking pictures, but who cares... I had fun! I'm not sure what kind of bug/bee this little guy is. But he certainly posed nicely for me.

I love looking through a camera eyepiece again. My other digital camera is the kind that uses the display to pick your image. I like moving the focus ring and hearing the very satisfying click-click of the shutter release.

I managed to get the female platy out of the fish tank today. I can never really tell which fish was the female fish simply by looking at their parts. But I've noticed that many of the other platys would chase this one fish. My hope was that she was the female and the other fish were trying to "get with her" (ahem).

I'm relieved that I guessed correctly. I took her to our local fish store and gave her up for adoption. We have 4-6 baby fish in the tank (hopefully no more than that). Odds are that one of the babies is female. Hopefully we can figure it out before we have another brood born.

My next project will be to knit my first pair of socks.

Yesterday I bought some yarn at a nearby Beaverton yarn store. It wasn't a great yarn store experience. The store lighting is poor and the yarn sold there is very neutral. I've been to the store twice and although I've introduced myself, the clerk/owner doesn't reciprocate with her name. I'm trying to like this place because it is so close but so far the store/staff have given me weird vibes. And, once I got the yarn home, I realized that I don't really like the color so I'll have to return it. (And I hate to return stuff. Makes me so uncomfortable.) Here's the "before" yarn with the weird yarn store vibes:

Today I drove clear across town to The Naked Sheep Knit shop. What can I say... this store has my heart. The owner Cheri helped me find the perfect yarn and discussed needle size in a way that makes me feel smart instead of stupid. Isn't this a gorgeous fushia pink for socks? Cheri, you've got my loyalty and you are definitely worth the drive.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone!


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