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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Why do books grow here?

I love, respect and treasure books. So I do not argue with where they want to sit in my house.

I have found that books insist on filling this spot in my home office and any vacant surface by my nightstand.

The office spot is where new, unread books want to sit. I have learned that if I move these unread books to another part of the house, the new books will extract revenge and will beam upon me an undeniable urge to go buy 20 more new books (and to put them in this space). As long as I keep new books here, this urge is sated.

Once I have started a book, I must keep it by my bedside (when I'm not actively reading it). At times, I've had up to 15 books upon this tiny little space (currently, I only have nine). Many times, I will carry a book from downstairs or the media room to the night stand, knowing full well that I will not read it that evening. It doesn't matter. It must travel with me and sleep beside me.

Why this is, I do not know. But if you are a book lover, I bet you have these spots too.


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