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Friday, April 28, 2006

Dirty Again

I had another glorious day in the sun, playing with my garden beds. These are my feet and legs after I finished. Pig Pen strikes again!

I dug up the five ralphiolepis we had in the front beds and replaced them with three golden euonymus and two red-tipped photinia. The ralphiolepis were straggly and struggling. They had to go.



I'll have to keep my eye on all the new shrubs as they can grow very tall (anywhere from 6 feet - 15 feet!) and wide quickly but I'm confident I can keep them trimmed and beautiful.

Afterwards, I took the tags that came with the plants and taped them to copy paper, slid the paper into a sheet protector, and added it to my landscaping three-ring binder. I'm SUCH an organizational geek! It's really quite scary.


At 9:37 PM, Blogger DtDtKty said...

You did a remarkable job...again. Jeff and I were amazed at the size of the root bulbs of the bushes you removed; you are one strong woman...in strength and spirit. Your beds are beautiful.


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