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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Flash your stash

Knitters everywhere in blogland are "flashing their stash" today. So I thought I would join in and show you mine. Feel free to click on the pictures for a closer look.

DISCLAIMER: while knitters might really appreciate a chance to see my stash, non-knitters will probably find this blog entry as interesting as watching moss grow.
Here's everything:

My stash has two categories: remnant stash and new yarn. Remnant stash is left-over yarn from various yarn projects.
Exhibit 1:

7 skeins of light brown wool-ease. These skeins are left-over from the Unfinished Afghan We Do Not Mention. That afghan is now swimming with the fishes. I attempted to give this yarn a second chance. I knitted some four inch squares of different patterns. While doing so, I caught a horrible cold. Which goes to show you that this yarn hates me and must find a new home. After taking the picture, I bagged it up to take to Goodwill.

Exhibit 2:

These four skeins are left-over from knitting my very first scarves. I purchased the yarn from Michael's craft store (before I knew the glory of "real" yarn stores). I was keeping it for sentimental reasons. Now that I've upgraded my yarn consumption (and quality of yarn), this yarn feels just yucky to me. I know that I'll never knit anything with it. So, it got bagged up to take to Goodwill as well.

Exhibit 3:

This is yarn left-over from a felted purse, a hat, my first sweater, and my first baby blanket. I loved working with all this yarn. And when I look at it I think of knitting an eyeglass case (with the purple) or a baby booties (with the yellow). Anyway, it's too good to give up.

Exhibit 4:

This is the accent yarn from the Unfinished Afghan We Do Not Mention. It's Merino Superwash- a fine quality yarn. This yarn has no evil ju-ju like the above mentioned brown yarn. My hope is that there is enough yarn here to knit two pairs of socks. My first sock class begins Wednesday 4/5 so the fate of this yarn won't be known until the end of April.

Exhibit 5:

This is the left-over yarn from my first attempt at Karen's sleeveless summer shell. Aacckk. This yarn is painful to look at right now. I have no idea what I'll end up doing with it.

Exhibit 6:

This is my only New Yarn Stash. It's four skeins of 100% wool and two skeins of accent yarn. My plan is to make another felted purse out of this. True stashers would consider this as my only "real" stash.

You see, the knitting and yarn obsessed people (like me) like to feel that if a cataclysmic event... like major storms or floods or erupting volcanoes or cylon attacks... happened that we could grab our stash and stay calm while knitting through the emergencies.

There are knitters out their that have stash beyond what they could possibly knit in their lifetime. I kid you not! They have created a term to proudly define themselves-- SABLE - stash amassed beyond life expectancy.

I'm such a new knitter that I don't yet recognize those unique skeins that one happens upon in the yarn store and simply must have. Right now I'm just going from project to project, buying new yarn when the previous project is complete.

But if you are interested in seeing some serious stashers, click here.


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