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Monday, April 03, 2006

I won! I won!

On Saturday, after posting my stash in honor of "flash your stash" day, I visited the official flash site and saw where a knitter named Marji from Missouri was going to send a gift of fiberly love to a stash in need.

I visited Marji's site and was totally impressed not only by her stash but also her beautiful knitting. Additionally, she partakes in some really cool knit-alongs. She posted on her site that she would be checking her blog comments for people who felt like they had a stash in need. In a moment of lustful envy, I left her a short comment.

Later that day I commented to Karen that I hardly ever win anything and that I felt that I was jinxed to be unlucky by an old boss. Here's that story: one of my former employers (his name is Butch) used to have a huge Christmas party wherein he would give away lots of Christmas presents. And these presents were awesome! He would create a living room/kitchen scene complete with lots of furniture, appliances, and smaller gifts. Each person would get a ticket and he would have a child pull out winning ticket numbers. Even though there were hundreds of employees, there were so many presents that around one of every three people would win something. The first year I worked for him and didn't win anything he said, "Well you must not be living "right". The second year (still no gift for Wendy) he said, "God rewards the virtuous- you must be living in too much sin". Can you believe that?! An employer!

Anyway, since then I've felt unlucky and really paranoid about even trying to win anything. Anytime I've thought about putting my name in a hat to win something, I could hear Butch in my head shouting "Sinful Loser!!"

I shared this story with Karen and of course she laughed. She said, "I have lifted this curse from you. You are now a lucky person."


When I got Marji's email that I had won a piece of her stash, I laughed out loud and jumped up and down in my chair. I got up and did a little celebration jig! Yee-haw!! I've won something!

Thank you Marji for your generous gift. I really look forward to receiving it!! And thank you Karen for lifting the curse!


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