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Monday, April 10, 2006

Window gazing

This weekend, I finished planting and mulching the backyard. There are 16 new plants! I can't wait to show Karen (who flies home tonight).

The kittens took the time to admire the view and to bask in the sun. There are more pictures--just click here


At 6:13 AM, Blogger Marji said...

I am so impressed, getting your flower beds ready and planted.
I love to look at Other Peoples Gardens....gardening is definitely not one of my fortes.
finally, you should be getting your yarn - if not yesterday then today. It took me a few days to figure out which bin I'd put it in, then get it wrapped up and sent.
And I laughed right out loud reading your desc of your sock class. Next thing you know you'll have graduated to size 1 dpns and sock yarn and will be whipping out Jaywalkers and all sorts of other patterned socks.


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