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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Yarn swift

Well, it's like I predicted. The return to knitting plain stockinette is a challenge after the lace knitting of the ponchette. And it seems slow...knitting 100+ stitches per row compared to the 58 stitches of the ponchette. Plus, the cotton yarn feels tight compared to the loose slipperiness of hemp. Still, I'm determined to finish Karen's summer shell (while it's still summer!).

On a happy note, I used my new swift/winder set-up today. A week ago I was walking through the house muttering and grumbling. Karen asked what was up and I replied that I needed a new place for my swift/winder and I couldn't find one. You see, I kept this setup in the garage but I had decided to rearrange the garage and the swift table was getting in my way. But I couldn't find any other acceptable table in the house. I love yarn and have fun winding it but I didn't want the swift to be attached to my desk or kitchen counter and dining room table at all times.

She came up with a most excellent (and out of the box) idea. She declared that we would get a small shelf (like the ones you put shoes on in your closet) and we would attach the swift/winder to it. It would fit in any of our closets and I could just pull it out when I needed it. Now why didn't I think of that? How cool! I used it today and it worked beautifully!

Here's Chloe investigating.


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