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Friday, June 09, 2006

Sweaters to spare

This pictures was on cuteoverload.com today. Squirrel sweaters- leaves me speechless! Can't you just hear the squirrel snickering, "Hee, hee!". Look at his expression!

In further sweater news, I met with my knitting instructor, Tess, for a private session on Wednesday. She helped me join the sleeves to the body of my pink sweater. I had never knitted this type of join before and just couldn't get it from the instructions. This diagram she drew for me was most helpful:

She also taught me a different method to add a new ball of yarn to my knitting as well as the proper way to bind-off stitches. Since Wednesday, I've knitted about 4 more inches on the sweater and am now ready to begin yoke detailing.

Yesterday I got on an organizing tangent. It started with cleaning out the medicine drawer I have in my bathroom. My cough sryup bottle had spilled and the drawer needed to be wiped down and some things had to be tossed. But this task gave me the cleaning-out bug. Do you ever have those days? I cleaned and organized the upstairs junk drawer and then the downstairs junk drawer. Then reorganized the laundry room. The rest of the house has cat-hair dust bunnies but my junk drawers are tidy! Heaven help this crazy gal!


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