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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Twilight Zone Yarn Store

There is a yarn store in Lake Oswego, Oregon that exists in another dimension.

This is a dimension that blocks reason and sound thinking.

I traveled there recently and bought some 100% mercerized cotton yarn (OnLine Clip Linie12) in a pretty shade of cool lavender for my lacy sweater. I got it home and realized that the color is really not a good color for me. So I went back and exchanged it for a vibrant purple. Then I had the knitting night from h*ll, wherein one skein of this purple yarn got cut up and much of it thrown away.

So I went back to exchange it for some wool yarn for a felted purse. (Side note here: I hate to exchange anything. I feel awkward and nervous and just don't like to do it). I got the 100% wool yarn I needed.

Got it home. It's the wrong gauge.

Sigh. Where does my brain go when I'm in this store?

I've decided to use it anyway and have changed the purse pattern instructions for the new gauge. It will take me twice as long to knit the purse and me changing a pattern has DISASTER written all over it. But I refuse to go back to this Twilight Zone Yarn Store.

I've decided I will ALWAYS buy yarn at Cheri's Naked Sheep Knit Shop. It's my safe haven and refuge and definitely worth the long drive. Yarn bought anywhere else must be cursed or something.


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