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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Blue hairy mess

This is the email I sent to Karen at 11:30pm last night. I took a few days off of knitting my pink cabled sweater to knit her a small, blue felted purse. WARNING... this post has some REALLY BAD language and some yarn sacrilege.

To Karen - Regarding Purse Disaster:

Hi Karen,

I stayed up and finished knitting the straps on your purse. Then, I felted it, thinking that it could dry overnight.

After taking it out of the washing machine.... It looks like total crap.

It looks like Cousin It took a blue shit. It looks like a cat barfed up a blue hairball. There is blue fuzz literally all over the laundry room.

It's f*cking fuzzy, and hairy and awful!

And before you say it.... It IS that bad.

I'm really not sure what happened. Maybe it was the different yarn (just very slightly different... Shouldn't have made a f*cking hairball, wet, sodding mess.)

It's completely un-usable. I can't decide if I want to keep it around to keep me humble. Or if I want to run over it several times with my car, jump up and down on it, and bury it.

On nights like tonight, I HATE YARN! GASP!!!!

SHIT, SHIT, SHIT,......f*ck.

Love you,

And Karen's kind reply:

Well, this was certainly good for a start the day off with a laugh
moment! I'm sorry it turned out so crappy, and the Cousin It line was a
hoot, but as with all things yarn, you shall prevail! It might be time
to visit Cheri again today, huh? Take back whatever is left of that
horrible hairball producing stuff and try something else. Just
remember, you don't have to have it finished by the time I get home!

I hope you slept well and didn't dream of creepy, crawly yarn monsters
or anything. :)

All my love,


At 9:39 PM, Blogger DtDtKty said...

I'm so sorry that you had another moment of yarn hell. I have to remember to check this blog too to keep up on your knitting escapades. :)



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